The Sassy Drinks Company are proud to announce the launch of their new soft drink - SassTM to the North of England with distribution by

Refreshment Services Direct.

SassTM is a first for the market as a delicious balanced blend of natural cloudy apple, passion fruit, grape and blood orange juice infused with a feisty blend of 7 detoxing and restorative botanical extracts. Delicious blend of fruits
The botanicals in SassTM are chilli, cardamom, clove, ginger, juniper, liquorice and sarsaparilla. Botanicals
Alongside the taste, SassTM offers a brand that reflects a sense of fun, style and individuality that consumers can relate to and we feel is currently lacking in the soft drinks marketplace. Fun & Stylish
Pure Juice We believe there is a substantial audience looking for a more interesting juice drink using a combination of pure juices with added functional benefits and complexity that the botanicals bring.
Fresh & Modern The Sassy Drinks Company believes that natural doesn't need to be staid and boring and our brand is modern, fresh and a challenger to this market place.
Bags of flavour The botanicals compliment the flavour of the juices but also provide functional benefits which are well proven and key to many consumers who want functionality alongside natural great taste in their soft drink of choice.


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